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4 Nov

10 Things to be a great roommate & guest in a hostel!

You haven’t stayed in a hostel before? Or you stayed for a few times and you want to be more familiar with the Dos and Don’ts?

Here are 10 things you should do in a hostel to be a perfect roommate and guest in any hostel:

1. Try not make noise or disturb fellow guests

2. As a traveler; you should care about all the resources and do not waster food and water!

3. Give other people space and privacy; because some day you will expect this from fellow guests as well 🙂

4. You should not bring or consumer any drugs or narcotics of any kind.

5. The Wifi is for everyone; so if you use it for downloading movies or torrents you, others will not be able to use it at all; so you should only use it for surfing the internet

6. Respect all hostel property; you break it, you buy it!

7. be aware of the check in and check out time and try to be always on time for that

8. A hostel is a self-service; so it’s time to do your own coffee, dishes and laundry!

9. Just foe your safety; inform the reception if you are going out at night and will return late.

10. You should not invite friends after 20:00


These 10 commandments will guarantee you and other guests a perfect stay at the hostel, if you have any other thoughts please share in the comments below 🙂 !



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