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4 Nov

Discovering Rishikesh; A Guide For Every Traveler

Discovering Rishikesh; A guide for every traveler!

The Yoga capital of the world;

This is what Rishikesh is known for around the globe. It is a fact that Rishikesh is bombarded by the best yoga schools in the world. But there’s also a lot more to Rishikesh; it is a must go destination in the North of India and it is essential to discover all the sides of this beautiful city.

If you’re wondering about the things you can do in Rishikesh; here’s a guide for every traveler:

Where to stay?

Deciding where to stay is one of the most important decisions you need to make as a traveler; in terms of money, people, stuff, food and location; Live free hostel, Shivshakti & Bunk Stay are the best hostels you can stay in Rishikesh, They are located very close to the road leading you to the waterfalls, activities, markets, restaurants & Cafes.

What to do?

Every city has a personality and Rishikish’s personality is one of a kind! It’s the heaven for yoga, but it is also a perfect destination for trekking, hiking, endless adventures & religious rituals, not to mention its unique people!

Into The Wild: Hike & discover some waterfalls

  • Neer Garh Waterfalls:

One of the most famous destinations in Rishikesh; it’s a 2000 meters hike from the hostel to the waterfalls. You can either rent a scooter from the hostel to the starting point of the mountain or you can trek for 500 meters then hike 1500 meters up. After the long way up you’ll find Neer Waterfalls splashing on your skin with cold water where you can take a dip and swim for a while to chill out ( So, be prepared and get your swim suits!).

This is when you’ll realize that every footstep, climb, fall, risk and extremely fast heart beats on your way up is definitely worth it. After your dip, enjoy your sip of Chay with a breathtaking view.

  • Patna Waterfalls:

If you’re a fan of mountain caves, bird tweets & waterfalls tunes then this place is heaven on earth for you!

Patna waterfalls is a shorter hike with fewer crowd & the best way to go there is rent a scooter, hitch hike or if you’re a group rent a jeep to the mountain point then hike all the way up. You’ll enjoy every step of this hike especially in the early morning!

A Lil’ Bit Of History

  • Kunjapuri Devi temple:

This is for sure one of the best sunrises you’ll ever experience in your life; Kunjapuri temple is a sacred temple of immense importance in Hindu religion. Located in a height of 1,676 meters hill which is 52 Km away from Rishikesh.  After reaching the temple you’ll climb 300 steps up to see the magical sunrise, do some yoga, meditate and drink your morning chay with mountains’ view!

  • Blessings of Mother Ganga; Ganga Aarti:

You cannot afford missing the Ganga Aarti in Triveni Ghat when you’re visiting Rishikesh; chants of holy prayers, numerous diyas and lamps shining the river, bells ringing, devotees offering the prayers with a majestic view, followed by a dip in the river to wash away the sins in the holly river! Ganga Aarti is mainly a river worshipping ritual on the banks of river Gangus every evening; you can feel the spiritual vibe in the air!

  • The Beatles Ashram:

If you’re a Beatles fan, this is a must go place in Rishikesh; it’s a little bit over priced but every fan who stepped foot there said that it’s worth every penny. This masterpiece was visited by the Beatles in 1968 and you’ll get lust in the artistic pieces, painting, architecture and buildings in this place.

Off The road; Time for Some Adventures:

  • River rafting & cliff jumping:

Prepare yourself for some Adrenalin rush because this river rafting is like nothing that you’ve witnessed before. We recommend you to take the 16 Km rafting to experience the whole adventure and go through all the crazy water rapids on your way! You can also jump in the river, swim for a while in some parts as per your guide’s directions.  You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and on your way you’ll find a cliff; get ready for climbing up then jumping all the way down!

Chill outs

  • A dip in the river:

Grab your book, listen to the beats of your favorite song, feel the sun & the breeze on your skin, swim in the shades of blue, surrounded by colors of nature. Enjoy a chilled day on Shivpuri river bank!

Where to eat & shop

  • Food

Fun time for your tummy in Rishikesh!

Perfect food with heavenly view, what more can you wish for? Just walk the street Near Anand dham, Paidal marg Laxman jhula you’ll find the best restaurants and Cafes with this great combo (Food & view). Try out Shambala Café for breakfast with its multinational cuisines and if you’re a fan of The Beatles, there’s a Beatles restaurant right next to it but it’s a little bit costly!

You can also have great food at Rainbow cafe, Cafe Nirvana & Indian lunch at Govindam in Iskon Temple!
  • Shopping

Prepare your pocket & leave some space in your bag!

You won’t exert any effort to find good stores for shopping in Rishikesh, if you stay in Laxman Jhula road; the whole street is a shopping spree!

This guide will help you discover Rishikesh with all its sides! If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment below! 🙂

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