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26 Oct

Holy Varanasi; is it a must go destination?

When you think of Varanasi what’s the first think that comes to your mind? Dead bodies? Burnt ashes?

Well, it’s a fact that a huge number of bodies are burnt daily in Varanasi and their ashes are thrown in the holy river Ganges; but very few people forget to mention how happy this city is and the core behind these acts!

Yes, Varanasi is a happy city that feeds your soul.  Every sunrise and sunset is full of prayers and spiritual rituals, where all the people go to the Ghat by the river Ganges and you can witness another perspective of life; living as a Sadhu!

A Saddhu is a type of Hindu wandering monk who dedicates their life to spiritual liberation.

They see everyone as the same; they sleep with dogs or even with rich men. Materialism doesn’t matter; they live their lives in Ashrams and Temples.

They’re not living with societies because they believe they are doing something for the society. They feel like they’re divine; they’re so connected to god that they feel they are god; and when you feel like a god, you act like a god. And god doesn’t harm anyone or kill anyone; so whenever someone visits Varanasi Sadhus try to give them guidance to their life; if you’re lost they’ll help you find light again, through knowledge.

You will also experience a different way of spiritual liberation; Aghori. They cover themselves with ashes; they can eat human flesh as a part of a sacred ritual; where they believe that they only care about one thing in life which is their god, lord Shiva. They also keep human skulls to remind them of the impermanence of life.  They do things that no one else can do!

And the most inspiring part of this city; is how people embrace death, they are aware how natural this phenomena is and for new people to come you have to let go of other ones. They are so peaceful with letting go of their lost beloved ones. Their ashes are thrown in the holy river believing that they will have a better life with no reincarnation, just straight to heaven.

So, if you’re wondering if you should go to Varanasi; it’s not a place where you’ll enjoy natural beauty and chill there, but you will see spiritual rituals that you will never see any other place in the world & you cannot miss this deeply rooted culture!





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