Kyari is a quiet, unassuming village on the fringes of the Corbett National Park. If you are looking for a slightly offbeat holiday in India, one that brings you close to the very soul of India, spend a few days at a homestay in Kyari. Here, you will learn to work on a farm, cycle past mango plantations, swim in the river and eat like a local – in short, Kyari will show you the true essence of India in a way that glitzy places like Jaipur and Goa cannot.

About Kyari

The village of Kyari is like a little painting at the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. There is no wi-fi, but you get to connect with the locals. You learn to speak their language and help with harvesting organic produce from their farms. Hundreds of birds make a beautiful symphony in the daytime, and at night, the silence is broken by the call of a deer or the low grunt of a wild boar. Kyari is not on the regular tourist circuit, so what you will find here is an experience not many can boast of – far away from the crowds of tourists and very close to the authentic way of village living in India.


Your Hosts

In Kyari, the best way to experience the real India, is to live in a homestay. You will be hosted by a very accommodating family in the village in their rustic home, and you will get to see how the majority of India lives in villages. Your host will take you for walks in his farm, where you are welcome to lend a hand. Only the freshest organic food from the farm will be served to you at lunch and dinner and everything will be prepared to your taste, the Indian way. Local knowledge is very important on a trip, and your hosts will guide you to the best spots for birdwatching, swimming and even to the best mud tracks for cycling.



As we mentioned, Kyari will bring you close to the real India. Here you are welcome to take a swim in the Baur and enjoy your meals in the open in the company of birds and squirrels. You can also take your host’s bicycle and go past gently rolling landscapes to old temples where mystics can tell your future or bless you for a longer life.

Little mud tracks go deep into the rustling Sal forests nearby where you can go for a short hike, go birdwatching or even chase butterflies.


For a more thrilling holiday, you can go bodysurfing in clean canals through an area that is known for its leopards, wild boars and tigers. You cal also go diving in the river, or trek deeper into the forests. Come back before the evening settles with its nippy air to some hot chai and local snacks with your hosts and their livestock.

Everything in Kyari is real. It is a part of India that doesn’t exist in brochures and guidebooks, and we will make sure that you love every moment of your stay in this little Kumaoni village of India. If you want to be a traveller more than a tourist, Kyari is where you should begin your magical Indian holiday. Get in touch with us today to know more!