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5 Nov

How Not To Die In India!

Don’t worry; this is not a tragic article, it’s just a sarcastic way of telling you how to survive in India without any suffering, accidents or loads of Delhi belly days and food poising!

Some people come and leave India and they’re lucky enough to have a great experience and some others have a hard time dealing with some of the Chaos and hygiene issue in the streets.

India is an amazing country to discover but it’s definitely not an easy experience especially if you’re coming from a western country where everything is clean and super organized. So, here is a guide for how to stay safe and have an outstanding experience in India without having a hard time.

  1. Crossing the streets: 

“Just close your eyes and run! ”

Nope, that was a joke! definitely don’t do that!

Well, don’t expect that people and cars will follow the traffic lights and give you some time to pass, you can stay there forever and no lights will go on green for you to pass! so what you need to do is to look both directions before you pass; just because the cars are supposed to come from left doesn’t mean that you won’t find a car coming from your right! So, wait for the right time with less cars then GO!

2. Street Food: 

Street food in India is extremely tasty! you cannot go to India without trying the street food, here are a few tips to eat some street food without any consequences;

  • Most of the Indian food is very well cooked so if any of the food was not well washed you don’t have to worry about that because the cooking will get over all the bacteria, just don’t eat raw vegetables from food trucks. If you’re craving vegetables and fruits; buy them, wash them, eat them!
  • Try to go for the street food that’s recommended by others! some of the food trucks and local restaurants have very high reviews and have been in business for years; these ones will be more reliable and will guarantee you a good, clean meal!

3. Street juice:

Same goes for street juice, it’s so fresh and tasty! But make sure that they don’t use tap water or ice in your juice!

4. Bus Rides and Rickshaw Rides:

If you’re travelling from on city to another by bus; It’s  fact that they drive like Crazy in the streets of India and you cannot control that. But some buses are better than others and have better reviews and better bus drivers than others. To get these buses you can use ” Make My Trip” app that accepts international cards or ” Red Bus” app if you have an Indian Card; you’ll find the best buses there with ratings. Or you can always ask the hostel to help you book a good bus!

As for ricshaw rides; well, ricshaw rides are crazy and there’s nothing much to do about it. Just enjoy your ride and hope for the best :)! If you’re going to a very far place and you’ll have to take the highway then an Uber or Ola would be a better option at that time. Other than that, richsaw rides are always a part of your India experience!

   5. Where to go and When?

Like anywhere in the world; there are some places that are not considered as safe areas to go to! Just be careful before going to any place to ask at the hostel or the locals if it’s a good area!  Also, it’s definitely safer to walk with people at night than to walk alone; for both guys and girls.

These are some tips and tricks to have an amazing safe time in India; if you have any questions or comments please share with us in the comments below!

Safe Travels 🙂


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