Travel Scam

Like any big country India has its share of Travel scams and tricks. The good news is that they will never harm you physically they are only after your money and if you stand your ground they will back off.
Below we have listed some Scams to be aware of at the Airports and Train stations.

Let me 'Help' you:

If a Stranger/Cab driver approaches to ‘Help” you, please get away from him and find a Mega or Easy Cab counter as mentioned in Point 8.

All roads are blocked:

If the driver tells you ‘there is a festival (or some story) and all roads to the hostel are blocked’……and then offers to take you to a ‘Better Hotel’ then you are being scammed.

The hostel is always accessible via more than 5 routes from the airport and station. If this happens please insist on going to Jugaad and Jugaad only and you will not go any where else.

Fake Phone Call:

After the ‘all roads are blocked’ story you will request him to call the hostel and he will dial a fake number and give you the phone. Please take the phone in your hands and make the call yourself to make sure you get to the hostel.

'I will take you another better hotel':

If the driver takes you to another ‘Budget hotel’ or Hostel, just insist that you will only go to Jugaad and no where else. Be Firm…..!

Asking for Money:

 The only motive behind the Scam is to make money and they will not hurt you physically. No matter how much the driver insists do not give him any money and tell him that you will only pay him once you reach Jugaad.

If you are able to get to the hostel with the driver, then just walk into the hostel and the staff will take care of the rest.

Fake 'Government Tourist Office':

The driver might bring you to a “Government Tourist Office,” or a “Tourist Information Center,” and try to sell you a tour. Tell them you won’t pay anything. Insist on being taken to Jugaad.


There is no fool proof way to stay away or get out of these scams. In our experience if you stay firm but polite and stick to ‘I will only go to Jugaad Hostel’ you will reach the hostel without harm.

If you do end up in some scammy hotel, please give us a call and we will come and pick you up.


While getting into the cab please take a photo of the Driver, Vehicle and the vehicle license plate. If he takes you to a fake ‘Tourist Information Office’ and they ask you to pay for something, also ask for the address details of the office and take a picture of the office/building.

All this will help us track the cheaters and maybe get you your money back.